Story About Us

Tetoota is a social platform for skill exchange. It serves as a C2C services barter platform for individuals to trade their services and strengths, and in return, learn skills or get personal assistance from subject matter experts thereby removing all barriers of peer to peer learning. Choose from a range of services to help you excel in life, and most importantly, experience the true joy of sharing.

Our Awesome Team

Ashwajeet Garg

Passionate about barter and new concepts for social

Kiran Chetwani

'Making the world relive good old ancient days of barter with a modern touch.'

Rajat Jaiswal

Who needs cash when you have a skill to trade

Mayank Pandey

I really believe that everyone has a talent, ability, or skill that he can trade against his wants

Neeraj Dandotiya

Having a skill makes you undeniable

Harsh Ranjan

Talent is the new currency